10 Best Deadlift Bar 2020 – [ Do Not Buy Before Reading This! ]

Deadlift is the Movement or simply the exercise that involves picking of few dead or weights from the ground base while it is immobile or dead.

It is also referring as the lifting of weight that means lifting the weight which is lying on the ground.

Deadlift bars widely used in gyms, they are very popular and one of the requirements of every gym. There are various types of barbells available on the market which can be helpful in exercise in the gym.

They can be used in cross-fit, powerlifting, Olympic or general gym. Many features should be in consideration while buying the barbell for the deadlift.

Types of deadlift bars:

They have come into three types such as men’s bar, women bar, and youth bar. They all have their length, weight, and diameter. Men’s barbell has a length of 2.2 meters, a diameter of 28mm and a weight of 20 kg that is near about 44lbs.

Women’s barbell has a length of 2.01 meters and a diameter of 25mm with a weight of 15 kgs. The youth bar has a length of 1.7 meters, a diameter of 25mm and a weight of 10kg that is near about 22 lbs.

Factors to be considered while buying a deadlift bar:

The first thing should be kept in mind that whip of the bar. Lifters can use the whip of a bar during transitions.

It is important to notice the diameter and the size of the barbell according to your use. Bars are depended on its usage so choose the one according to your demand.

The thickness of the weight plates can also affect the deadlift bar. The bar should be able to spread the weight properly.

The factor that should be in considers that is barbell sleeves. They are an important part of the bars and they determine the spin bar will have.

Another factor you should consider is barbell strength. Bar strength can be determined with the help of yield strength and tensile strength.

Load capacity is one of the factors that should be in consideration while buying the deadlift bar. The load is analyzed from the length of the sleeve. It also depends on the weight of the weight plates. Load capacity should be properly checked as it may vary.

Always observe the finish on the bar and sleeves as it is very essential before buying. Finishing provides the smooth use of the deadlift bar. It provides a good grip so that we can lift the bar easily.

Black oxide bars offer more oxidation protection as compared to steel bars. Zinc finish can protect the barbell easily.

Types of deadlift bar:

Technique bars: This bar is widely used in weight lifting competitions. they are technically designed for powerlifters.

Hex trap bar:

Hex trap bar also is known as trap bar. They are commonly used in gyms. Trap bar divides a load of weight plates very smoothly.

EZ-curl bar: they are shorter than other deadlift bars and they are light in weight. They are useful for beginner lifters.

Selecting the correct type of deadlift bar can be very challenging because there are many options available on the market. Hence it is necessary to know about the details of the deadlift bars.

Who should use a deadlift bar?

In case the prime aim of the user is to lift more weight from the ground, then deadlift bar is beneficial for you. A lifter that means the person who is lifting the weight or dead in order to increase strength of lower body and development of muscles by using deadlift bar.

What is the Best Deadlift Bar?

There are a many popular choices for deadlift bars on the market. but the most and the dual deadlift bar picks considering on the basis of build quality, value and bar performance.

  1. Rogue Ohio deadlift bar.

Rogue has become one of the favourite lifting equipment of the many people.

  1. Texas deadlift bar.

Deadlifts for:

Deadlifting is beneficial as due to:

  1. It requires minimum equipment:

For doing deadlift anyone just wants bar and the willingness to the lift it, so basically real equipment’s are bar and will for the successful deadlifts. wraps are optional.

  1. Core stability:

Deadlifts builds core stability as it directly targets to the major muscle groups which are responsible for correct posture and strength of core.

Right deadlift technique enables user to hold the back straight at the time when engaging in routine activities as because of emphasis on maintaining a straight back via its motion.

Deadlifts are also useful for strengthen all supporting muscles (lower back, backside, hips, the waist).

For maintain the balance core strength is important.

  1. Safety:

While doing deadlifts there is no risk of getting pinned, it is risk free and safe task to perform.

  1. Applications in real life:

Deadlifts has real life application as lifting certain objects from the base from different angles, that will be enhanced through deadlifts.

  1. Strength for gripping:

Deadlifts develops Strength for gripping. It done without wraps and it will enhance the work that is strengthen the grip.

  1. Cardio respiratory fitness:

Deadlifts helps to developing the cardio respiratory fitness just like deadlifts, squats will tax the cardio respiratory system in case done with enough intensity.

How to deadlift:

  1. Walk at the bar:

Initially, stand straight and with the mid-foot under the deadlift bar.

  1. Take up the bar:

Bend and grip the dead lift bar narrow, simply about the shoulder-width apart like on the overhead press.

Make sure that your arm should be vertical.

  1. Bend the knees:

By bending the knees drop into the position until shins touch down to the bar.

And make sur do not bar move away from the mid-foot.

  1. Lift the chest:

Straighten the back by increasing the chest.

  1. Pull:

Just take a deep breath, hold and stand with the dead by Keeping the deadlift bar in contact with the legs.


Deadlifting strengthens the back and the surrounding supported muscles, making this lift better for rehabilitative, preventative purposes. This exercise is the one of most efficient exercise for building up the strength of core which supports all groups of major muscle.

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Deadlift is the Movement or the exercise that involves picking of some weights from the ground while it is immobile or dead using equipment called as the deadlift bar.

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